History of Colloidal Gold

Modern History

The first modern electrician to make real colloidal gold was the English archaeologist Michael Faraday who produced the best gold experiment in 1857. It has been speculated that in the early 1900s Western physicians would set a $ 5 price point under the skin near the arthritis bone, and pain of these patients is greatly reduced or eliminated. *

In western medicine, gold has been used continuously since 1927 in the form of a salty arthritis remedy. * Many cultures know the benefits of gold in the system. * Gold and ‘Gold Water’ tablets have been available over the counter for over 100 years in Europe. Gold has been used in India and China where even today people in some rural areas are known to cook their rice with gold coins to restore gold to their bodies.

The 1965 issue of Materia Medica reported that colloidal gold was the first line of defense against obesity. In India gold has been revered in India for 1000 years. The ancient Ayurvedic inscription “Rasa-Jala-Nidi” (Ocean of Indian Chemistry and Alchemy) states that “Gold is a soothing, pure, healthy, healing toxins, phthisis, madness and other diseases.” …) Gold increases energy, wealth, beauty, intelligence, and memory.It soothes the worst evils that affect people and ghosts, is difficult and brings happiness and food.

Gold (…) prevents aging, removes memory loss and cognition. It removes weight loss, promotes mood, and increases sperm count. “(Mookerji, Kaviraj Bhudeb [Translator]: Rasa-Jala-Nidi vol. 2 Delhi 1990 Parimal publ., P. 239f * * Things of Life inc. It does nothing else, of Colloidal Gold! Colloidal gold is not a drug, it is not a drug, it is not a drug or a substitute for proper medical treatment. If you have a disease or infection consult a doctor. Nothing made by Elements for Life inc. Its purpose is to cure, cure, or cure any disease. Colloidal Gold has not been tested or approved by the FDA.

New research suggests that positive attitudes can affect our physical health in a positive way. Even laughter has been shown to make our cells produce powerful natural substances that are known to strengthen the immune system! Did you know Do our technicians use a small gold film on the window of a spacecraft and other ships to protect themselves from dangerous radiation? This little gold film gives the glass a pinkish-like colloidal gold! Modern science confirms the ancient understanding that gold is a substance that can be found in a number of unpleasant countries. One of the most intriguing features in which gold can be extracted is a red powder made of gold when prepared in small groups between 1-90 nanometers in diameter. (Human hair is 1 billion nanometers in diameter!) Modern science also confirms the ancient understanding of Egypt that the smooth yellow metal we know as gold turns white powder into non-metallic powder.

It may not be a coincidence that many of the moviegoers of the Past The history and myths of Gold has been used for many years to recreate, youthing, expand potential, and peacefully. The earliest use of gold was in ancient Egypt, where priests, who were also medical experts, prepared it as a red and white powder, which they used as a source of nourishment for their mental and emotional storehouses in preparation for intense “spiritual cleansing”. Gold was also regarded as the key to youth, health, and well-being. * Centuries later a group of “smart scientists” known as “alchemists” learned how to make something called “red gold powder”. The researchers found many of the same benefits from “red” gold as did the Egyptians, combined with the ability to simulate the effects of allowing the body to deal with aging and regain youthful vigor. *

Mayan culture has honored gold for centuries. It is interesting to note that they seem to be using such a precious metal on their dining vessels! Could it be because they are aware that over time their bodies absorb tiny amounts of gold and gold ions that they absorb from their plates, plates, and drinking glasses? We think it’s possible! Paracelsus, known as the forerunner of modern medicine, was a well-known physician who studied alchemy and made medicine from metal and gold. Paracelcus had a reputation for treating patients who seemed unable to get help from physicians of his day. What does the famous Moses in the Bible do when he comes down from the mountain and sees the Israelites bowing down to the image of a golden calf?

Exodus 32:20 says, “And he took the golden calf that he had made, and burnt it in the fire, and ground it to powder, and strewed it upon the water, and made the children of Israel drink of it.” The Bible also clearly states that Moses was taught in the “arts” of Egypt! This explains why, although gold often melts away the wrath of Moses, he knows how to turn gold into powder. “This is a good way to remind people not to look at, or worship, the foreign principles of divine connection. and others to help them calm down, be encouraged, and be steadfast, helping to pray inwardly with God, also sheds light on why Moses may have made the gold they worship. * This was not tested by the Food and Drug Administration.

This has not been reviewed, verified, or approved by the FDA * Information in this category is for third parties and is part of its history. This is therefore provided as a respect for information and research purposes and should not be used to make a purchase decision. Colloidal Gold is a mineral with many minerals. Colloidal gold is not a drug, it is not a drug, it is not a drug or a substitute for proper medical treatment. If you have a disease or infection consult a doctor. : People interested in the benefits of colloidal salt are advised to do more research on the internet, including the FDA Guidelines for use. Buy Colloidal Gold At: www.noblelifeelements.com/wildalchemist [https://www.noblelifeelements.com/wildalchemist].