Gann Ideas, Pivot Points and Fibonacci

Many writings and books have been written about WD Gann. I was fortunate enough to read some of his early writings in the 1990s, a friend of mine was a member of the Gann Society who paid a lot of money to join. I have studied Gann and I have my own type of Gann. The most important quote I read from Gann is “Time is of the essence, when researching and predicting market movements.” I would not agree with much. In this article I will explore how I trade Pivot Points using Fibonacci levels and my Ganns category Time vs. Price.

The first point you need to find is the so-called swing point. The sweet spot is too high, or too low. There should be at least 8 large numbers between them to make it look like a little input. You can use a small difference that is not really important. Once you have identified one of these components, move it to the left of the chart (Back in Time) to find the other one. I use EUR / USD prices and dates so you can find out what I am doing and review it. We are looking at the most recent price (today is 1/27/09) we have a production solo on December 18th 2008 at a rate of 1.4720. We move to the left and find the lowest of the low on production on October 27, with 28th 1.2330 level. Now we have a swimming pool to work with. We will find great support and refusal to trade using Fibonacci divisions. Then work from the bottom of the list eliminating issues that aren’t worth the fight.

Here’s how to put one together for use with Fibonacci retracement. Take the highest and remove the lowest to get the shape. That would be 1.4720 – 1.2330 = .239 large numbers. Fibonacci figures are. Fibonacci. The first phase of support will be 1.4720-.0913 = 1.3807 The next phase of support. 239 * .618 = .147702 1.4720-.1478 = 1.3242 next level. 399. .8200 = .1964 1.4720-.1964 = 1.2756 (just to massage the back down made on Jan 23 was 1.2765)

You can continue to use other distributions if you wish. They will be fine until the top immediately after removal or new descent.

So once we calculate these levels we will set up daily data to see if there are any problems (which are enough for 33points + or -), and I will give you my valuable lesson. Keep in mind that these Fibonacci levels have passed as they go, these same levels will now be counterproductive on the way up. When broken, they become helpless victims. Let’s take a look at the most important approach, and see how we can apply the great Fibonacci levels.

The pivot system I am about to use has been in use for a long time in the market (20+), and I was taught this form by a young man who has been in Forex since 1976. As King Solomon said “There is nothing new in this world” The most important method is and another meaning when we associate, is with Fibonacci groups. They are so strong, to take advantage of what they can do. Here is the Formula:

We must first calculate the basis. I read the pivot at the bar every day because we use it every day. (You can use this at any time, just keep the time uniform, and I will not be less than 30 minutes) Pivot Formula = High + Low + Close / 3 = x starting pivot

2x-high = support 2x-low = resistance

I choose the modern business segment. (Yesterday every day bar) to read. 1/26/09 Open 1.2974 Down 1.3205 Low 1.2860 Close 1.3135

1.3205 + 1.2860 + 1.3135 / 3 = base pivot 1.3066 2 * 1.3066-1.3205 = 1.2997 Support level 1 2 * 1.3066-1.2860 = 1.3272 Resistance level 1

Support Level 2 Base pivot – (R1-S1) 1.3066- (1.3272-1.2997) = 1.3066-.0275 = 1.2791 (Close to Fib level) Support Level 3 Low-2x (high-Base pivot) 1.2860-2x (1.3205 – 1.3066) = 1.2860-2x.0139 = 1.2860-.0278 = 1.2582

Resistance 2 Pivot + (R1-S1) 1.3066+ (1.3272-1.2997) = 1.3066 + .0275 = 1.3341 Resistance level 3 High + 2x (pivot-low) 1.3205+ (1.3066-1.2860) = 1.3205 + .0206 = 1.3411

That’s why these are our daily sections and we can fix them on the window with our old Fibonacci support groups that have become your opposition groups on the rise. So how do we sell these key points. Well the rule is to take a long time above and shorten it during the break. Easy to say then it has happened, because this is a fast-paced site that can sell several times over, knocking you out just as they do. To prevent this from happening, you should give yourself a 35 pay stop loss (which is why if the market is deteriorating or falling above or below the legs for more than 12 minutes stay long or short with a 35 stop position. You need to know more This is where my Gann time pricing rules work. follow up using hourly charts, and explain how I sell these points.This is what is known as a smart trade, not a single system.However, you can now use your rules to sell these tips.My experience has convinced me that if a business can quickly make that money, we have a simple market group, and we will come out when the market starts slowly. (I use Stop order.)

Let’s get in; Most of what worked for me was the Fibonacci Point of 1.3242 which works on the legs with my daily point of 1.3272. I would be looking to see how the market responds to these standards. I write the contents of my trading book for the day to see how I marketed it today. It’s important to know that I have a basic system that I sell. This is what I call the semi-trading system, because it is a bit of a choice.This is the place I have been living; Since I have been selling the interbank market for many years, it requires a lot of trading wisely as you create markets. You should try this if you have a lot of business. I have strict and fast rules that I follow when selling discretionary. Here’s my time. I use modern marketing. It would be different if we sold a subsidiary rate. That’s what I call a 15-minute rule. I break 15 minutes into 3 minutes to 5 minutes. Your market is struggling and you have failed. You sell at a rate of 7-9 pips. (our share is 1.3242-9 pips) So you can sell at 1.3233. You wait for the return (the market goes back and tries to resist) You resell the meeting, at a lower price and then the place you stay. (usually 1/3 less; this is the way to make a pyramid. Always a pyramid with a bit.) Usually the backlash goes a bit (12-18 pips; not the rules I’ve seen.) market carefully. Wait another five minutes, if you do not have the money (your loss) to close the trade and return.

9:15 am EST Market tests the Fib point of 1.3242 hitting a major 1.3244 payout. I can’t sell I sell three units of euros at a price of 1.3231. I will be a slow pyramid behind the 1.3250 scale. I have a total S / L for 39 entries. (Above 1.3272 pivot level at 1.3281) Take value 1.3130. The market closed at a five-minute bar at 1.3239. The 9:20 market is testing a rise of 1.3244 and I can’t deal with it and the price is missing at 1.3238. I’m not adding at this point. The market is closed at 1.3219. So far there is no going back. 9:25 We are a little out of the tight market, selling small if I can see the level of 1.3235 40. The market closes this bar at the level of 1.3217. 9:30 Euro tests the 1.32 display and pays quickly. He finishes closing the level of 1.3215 again. The market is volatile and at the moment it can go either way, if we can get past 1.3258 I think we can get back to a price target of 1.3150. 9:35 Euro is trying to break 1.32 35 and is quickly rejected by a small stock (1 unit) at 1.3224 price I would not be comfortable with that trade. I want to get them out on top. Its close at a high of 1.3227. I can’t add even if we break the 35 level I have at the moment. 9:40 The Euro also tested 30 levels and failed three times, we closed at 1.3215 9:45 strong trading 1.3215 1.3230 9:50 Strong trading 1.3211-1.3231 9:55 We can break that number and close at 1.3195.

10:00 We go down to the 1.3140 entry point for the station.

10:15 The market removes me at 1.3153.

This is how I exchanged for pivot points. As you can read from the above I did not go back to this, I am very careful, because my experience has shown me the length of time I stand, when I measure the next level of 1.3272.

My best trade would be to sell the initial resistance at 1.3240, the market would be lower by 1.3208 and then return to the level of 1.3260, where I would have traded again. Then drop quickly to the level of 1.3160. All within 20 minutes. Such ads are usually available, if you know what to look for (here you are doing). Today however the market made me spend my money. Dear Tom