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What if you had a Front Sign that helped you to know where the market was, in all markets?

What if the sign also helps you to determine how much money can be spent?

Do you think this brand can help you a lot in your business?

You bet it would be!

I would like to inform you about my Reactionary Numbers. Also known as TRNs.

Reactionary Reactionary is a major change in the stock market

Modern changing numbers are what the inner court also mentions magical numbers. I have developed these numbers over the years working on various Wave Systems. This is in contrast to the Elliot Wave with well-known points. It is based on the Fibonacci Wave calculation I made and it is very accurate. These points are floating and constantly changing. I change them when the market is restructured and give me a signal that the trend is over. I am not making the point that the Market makes.

This is the Trumpet Card for the entire ship to make a statement. I always look to help find these points and see how the market affects them. These points are a foregleam. You can sell these tips and stand on your own as a completely different system.

The market is always moving from Euphoria to Dysphoria (it all just goes back to the Middle, as I say in my book.) I will buy these cases if the service is 35 pip s / l, and change it if it fails. I will also sell this as a 35 pip s / l counter and change it if it fails. (This is the rule of thumb, each currency has its own Harmonic waves, for example GBP and about 43 pips. And earn Average True Range 20 days ago.)

So if we get to the end of the Trend Reactionary Number I buy, and see how the Market works, if I see it fail I will fall short if the market can break 35 pips below. I seem to be moving from TRN to another. The same trademark will sell to TRN and see if it still works, if it explodes above it will take a long time (change my location) Looking to move to the next Reactionary Number.

Here are the Reactionary Numbers One for the month of December 2010. (I organize these points on the main seats of the Currency and Equal Crosses. Two pairs like GBP / YEN, GBP / NZD, EUR / YEN, EUR / GBP, AUD / YEN, AUDCAD etc. very accurate.)

Just compare these points on your chart and you will see its power. The market prompted me to read this article November 27,2010. It usually lasts about 3-6 weeks.

Euro / $ GBP / $

1. 1.4368 1.6448

2. 1,4182 1.6225

3. 1.3883 1.6012

4. 1,3668 1.5777

5. 1.3577 1.5555

6. 1.3221 1.5328

7. 1.3032 1.5110

8. 1.2678 1.4979

9. 1.2512 1.4530

These tips were also presented on November 27,2010 back to your chart and prepared for them to see how having this future show can help grow your business.