AENCO Blockchain Multi-Location

Aenco will integrate its problem-solving and financial management solutions with the entire medical professional team, through the AEN brand, as an important tool for building the environment and complementing all of its operations and community contributions.

AENCO – Blockchain based Healthcare Technology Financial Solutions Platform

Aenco is the world’s first Blockchain based Healthcare Technology Financial Solutions Platform

it uses medical technologies and financial institutions, financial institutions and smart solutions under a single umbrella. It is a “one-stop shop” for fundraising, financial institutions and solutions for HealthTech companies, as well as research facilities and partnerships in emerging medical companies and emerging projects. It will incorporate its own problem-solving and economic solutions among the healthcare community. empowers emerging and emerging digital financial companies, to focus on developing high-tech technologies that can transform our daily lives. With the help of the company’s strategic plans (including the establishment of a commercial banking system) as well as being available in major governments including Europe, Hong Kong, and the United States, through Aenco’s response, it contributes to environmental change.


1. IB Solutions AEN Connect – Smart Wallet and Aenco Portal; AENX – Token Exchange Center; AEN Connect Escrow and Custody; ICO Gateway, Subscription and Integrity Program; Research Studies, Public Discussions and Discussions; UX / UI Application on the HealthTech content sharing platform.

2. Prime Solutions AEN Connect – Cryptocurrency and affiliate platforms; Combining and calling for a similar platform for lenders and lenders who use cryptocurrensets and large Fiat funds as a viable security; In partnership with Aenco SmartCap Solutions to help eliminate fiat fees; Exchange and clear mutual funds and create advertising items; Conservative and discriminating clients; Management and financial plans; Integration with AENX is an external form of support APIs for implementation and implementation.

3. SmartCap Solutions – AEN Token communication system with financial modules; AEN Connect smart wallet is a “proof of package” in combination with financial modules; The integrated approach with AENX and Aenco Prime Platform for support functionality.

AENCO PLATFORM to Law and After

Following the rules issued by regulators around the world, and regulators may have different views on ICOs, all of them have moved towards greater transparency in regulatory requirements for signage operators to provide greater protection to market participants and better disclosure. In an effort to address these restrictions, Aenco is growing in new markets, as it focuses on old-fashioned business ventures, in order to establish a viable presence in several major states.

He believes that it is too late for the ICO to be established as a tool to help finance the growth of the industry and that international law will rise to meet the challenges that have arisen. Believing in creating a stable platform for emerging companies and entrepreneurs, the group is establishing a global platform in major continents and markets.

In the wake of the start-ups of HealthTech and new pharmaceutical companies, better integration of better technology and stronger funding is critical to growth and awareness. However, due to the financial nature of the big business, being able to find stable and profitable sources for emerging companies with medical expertise is very difficult.

The Aenco platform seeks to be at the forefront of development and development initiatives, as well as to promote long-term sustainability in the field of operations and commitment to the acquisition of all digital assets, and blockchain services used to transform economic activities.

Aenco believes that digital currencies such as ICOs are moving “significantly” and in line with this development, many parts of traditional banks can be taken over, transformed and used on the blockchain.

group. Aenco will be the FIRST to receive such digital funding to support the HealthTech sector and its core business.

Aenco’s goal is to develop a solution to global economic crises, while working in accordance with international law to regulate regulatory requirements, using economic strategies that are in line with traditional and modern market markets. Such transactions should be enabled and set at the value of the “AEN” set-up as an exchange method that can be exchanged with a valid valid record (BTC, ETH); Evidence of those affected by AEN will be worthy of enjoying the environmental benefits of Aenco.


1.AEN CONTACT: Smart Wallet with “Wealth App”

2. AENCO Ico Gateway and Platform

3. AENCO Custodial Wallet with Stable Protection

4. Home Exchange (“AENX”)

5. Combining Aen Connect Application with API for Multiple Filtering Methods

6. Aenco Decentralized Prime Brokerage Platform (“AENCO PRIME SOLUTIONS”)


1. Demonstrate the Benefits of Spending and Earning

– Borrowing, Reducing Cash, Increasing and Reducing Interest, Other Ways to Earn Discounts, Access to ICO Research Portal, Improve Security, Promote Flexibility and much more.

2. Benefits of Medical Utility From HealthTech Partner

– Robotic Surgery, Surgical and Professional Methods, Specialty Areas and Services and much more.


Machine trading is currently a standalone sale.

They do not receive donations from recognized citizens in the USA, Samoa, China, and OFAC. For those assisting in Hong Kong, you must be qualified and provide financial proof as a “Professional Investor” under the guidance of Hong Kong SFC Guidance and Rules. They want you to be able to use Sign Up. In order to obtain AEN tokens, you are also required to continue our KYC Verfication. First bonus for selling securities for sale and pre-sale time. AEN tokens will be issued to you upon confirmation of the offer. The distribution date for this brand will take place after the ICO. The exact date will be announced soon. Depending on the nature of the donation, there will be restrictions on withdrawals.


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