Blockchain: Open Source Money

“Blockchains are only distributed on exchange machines. The technology allows data to be stored in different locations and to track relationships between different groups and the same. Most people who try to describe blockchains tend to compare it to a pen. Every time someone makes a sale, such as a swap currency or a new tool is added to the network, it is written in a chain and everyone can follow what has happened. Marketing expert, Stacey Higginbotham, May 29, 2015

What if we were to live in a world where money could be found worldwide? Money can be around the world as digital speed as a way to work together with peers – there is no other way to banking. Interdependent relationships occur automatically through digital signatures, license restrictions, poverty alleviation. Does this represent a large part of humanity?

This is the dream of the technicians. The next generation of computing machines to orbit the earth to make it possible. Welcome to the global blockchain (currency) revolution.

Ignore your risk.

My May 2016 article, Power Behind the Throne, discusses what has not really been said, but continuous progress, going to a world without money through blockchain technology, and my ideas about who really benefit. It could be a huge jump in the banking business, having a strong impact on our financial system. Bloomberg’s story, Inside a Secret Conference Where Wall Street Tested Digital Cash, May 2, 2016, named representatives from Nasdaq, Citigroup Inc., Visa Inc., Fidelity, Fiserv Inc., Pfizer Inc. and others who were present.

Enter 2017 with articles designed to inspire and entertain: The Blockchain and Us. Some say 2017 is the year when this technology moves the most; some say it is too dangerous.

Advertising marketing brings together “leaders” from around the world who praise the openness, foundation, and innovation of traditional games introduced by Bitcoin in 2008. Blockchain technology and the possibilities are likened to how the development of aircraft changed people; the design of financial companies, on their own, is said to be 100% digitalized within 20 years. In addition, blockchain expertise is expected:

  • Touch all industries as a “precious” tower with its own weapons

  • Make modern technological changes, opportunities to “lift people out of poverty”

  • Establish what they call, “smart” agreements

  • Be radically changing the way the internet can be used to create new types of value and new ways to change the price

  • Create more jobs for yourself

There you have … Blockchain with us. Yet prostitutes, like me, may not see the same benefits. Giving away the financial secret we have left with money to the Goliath banking companies? It dawns on me that we may not have a choice because the “small” people seem to be the ones who make the money just by going.

That being said, spending money and paying when you go, has the most obvious benefits:

  • Choice

  • Confidential sales

  • No bank interest (extra, credit cards, loans, loans, etc.)

  • Possible 5% discount sellers upon request

  • The financial responsibility that the use of credit has ruined

  • Reducing the satisfaction of instant gratification good credit is encouraged

  • More time with debt means working harder

I think living in a developed world is easy to forget that the full meaning of wealth also includes accumulation. The intangible wealth of human well-being and peace of mind is priceless until it is neglected and ruined. Instead of dreaming, think of it this way: We don’t buy what we don’t need, and money we don’t have to pay attention to people who don’t really care about us. If more people become accustomed to spending money, we can strengthen our spending skills by building real wealth, as well as sending a message to those who have gold.